Répertoire Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra

1st Sacred Concert – 1965

Ain’t but the One
Come Sunday
David danced before the Lord
In the Beginning God
The Lord’s Prayer
Tell me it’s the Truth

2nd Sacred Concert – 1968

Almighty God
Father Forgive
Praise God
Praise God and Dance
Shepherd (the)
Something About Believing

3rd Sacred Concert – 1973

Is God a Three Letter Word For Love ?
The Majesty of God

A drum is a woman – 1956

Congo Square

Afro Eurasian Eclipse – 1971

 Afro Bossa – 1963 The Eighth Veil
Purple Gazelle
Anatomy of a Murder – 1959 Almost Cried

Black, Brown & Beige – 1946

The Blues

First Time « Battle Royal » – 1961

Battle Royal
To You
Take the « A » Train
Until I Met You
Wild Man
Segue In C
Jumpin at the Woodside
In a Mellow Tone (2 bands arrangement)
A Midnignt in Paris (2 bands arrangement)

Mary Poppins – 1965

Duke Ellington Plays Mary Poppins.jpg

Overture (arrgt. Laurent Mignard)
The Life I Lead
A Spoonful of Sugar
Chim Chim Cher-ee
Feed the Birds
Stay Awake
I Love to Laugh
Jolly Holiday
The Perfect Nanny
Let’s Go Fly a Kite
Step in Time (final arrgt. Laurent Mignard)

Far East Suite – 1966

Ad lib on Nippon
Blue Pepper
Bluebird of Dehli
Mount Harissa
Tourist Point of Vue
Girls Suite – 1961 Girls
Goutelas Suite – 1971 Goutelas Ouverture
Gogo (never released)
Gigi (never released)
Latin American Suite – 1968 Oclupaca
Latin American Sunshine
Liberian Suite – 1954 Dance n° 5
Mary Poppins – 1965
Chim Chim Cherry
A spoonful of Sugar
A Midnight in Paris – 1962
A Midnignt in Paris
Comme Ci Comme ça (Clopin-Clopant)
Paris Blues
Under Paris Skies (Sous le ciel de Paris)
I wish you love (Que reste-t-il)
No regrets (Non, je ne regrette rien)
New Orleans Suite – 1971
Blues for New Orleans 
Portrait of Louis Armstrong
Portrait of Mahalia Jackson
Portrait of Wellman Braud
Second Line
Nutcracker Suite – 1960 Nutcracker Overture

Sugar Rum Cherry
Paris Blues – 1961 Wild Man Moore (extensions never released)

Paris Blues (extensions never released)
Battle Royal
Autumnal Suite (extensions never released)
Paris Blues Alternate Bed (never released)
Peer Gynt Suite – 1960 Anitra’s Dance
Perfume Suite – 1945 Under The Balcony (aka Love – Carnegie Hall 1945 & NYC 1957)
Dancers In Love (aka Stomp for Beginners)
Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald – 1957 All Heart
Queen Suite – 1956
Le Sucrier Velours
Single Petal of a Rose
Such Sweet Thunder – 1957
Circle of Fourths
Half the Fun
Madness in great ones
The Star-crossed Lovers
Such Sweet Thunder
The Telecasters
Suite Thursday – 1960 Zweet Zursday
Turcaret – 1960 (never released) Annonce et Ouverture (Turcaret)
Turcaret court
La Baronne
Madame Turcaret
Frontin (sempre amore)
La colère de Turcaret
Turcaret – long

Standards – instrumental











After Bird Jungle (unreleased 1963)
Bakiff (1941)
Black and Tan Fantasy (Newport 1956)
Boy Meets Horn (Carnegie Hall 1943)
C Jam Blues (NYC 1959)
Caravan (Chicago 1946)
Caravan (Pleyel 1958)
Chelsea Bridge (KHJ Boadcast 1941)
Cashmere Cutie
Chloe (1940)
Clothed Woman (the) (1947)
Concerto for Cootie (1940)
Cotton Tail (Hollywood 1940-Chicago 1956)
Cop Out (All Star Road Band 1957)
Creole Love Call
Daily Double (Degas Suite)
Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue (Newport 1956)
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
Harlem Airshaft (1940)
Harlem Suite (A Tone Parallel To Harlem)
Fickle Fling (unreleased 1945)
Fanfare Overture
Fountainebleau Forest
Frustration (1945)
Golden Feather (1946)
Good Life (the)
How You Sound (1948 – Symphomaniac part II)
In a Mellow Tone (Chicago 1940)
Jack The Bear (Chicago 1940)
Jam With Sam (Festival Session 1959)
Jeep’s Blues (Newport 1956)
Jingle Bells (1962)
Kinda Dukish (Paris 1963)
Ko-Ko (Chicago 1940)
Launching Pad (NYC 1959)
Main Stem (Hollywood 1942 & 1960)
Manhattan Murals (unreleased 1948)
Medley : Black and Tan – Creole Love Call
Medley : Black and Tan – Creole Love Call – The Mooch
Midriff (Chicago 1956)
Mooche (the)
Mood Indigo (Masterpieces by Ellington 1950)
Moon Over Cuba (1941)
Never No Lament (1940)
Old King Dooji (NYC 1938)
Old Circus Train Turnaround, the (Antibes 1966)
Perdido (Piano in the background 1960)
Prelude to a Kiss (1957)
Raincheck (1941 & 1967)
Rockabye River (1946)
Rockin in Rythm (Paris 1963)
Rondolet (private coll 1967)
Rumpus in Richemond (NYC 1940)
Satin Doll (70th Birthday – London 1969)
Satin Doll (Jazz Party 1959)
Sepia Panorama (1940)
Skin Deep (Uptown 1957)
Tattooed Bride (Masterpieces by Ellington 1952)
Sophisticated Lady (1957)
Sophisticated Overture
Take the A Train (1941)
Take the A Train Opening (Stockholm 1965)
Take the A Train (Hollywood 1966 & Uptown 1952)
Things ain’t what they used to be (N.Y.C 1959)
UMMG (Chicago 1956)
VIP’s Boogie (Paris 1959)
Warm Valley (1953)
What Am I Here For (The Feeling of Jazz 1952)

Standards Vocal


Bli-Blip (Ivie Anderson / Ray Nance)
Blue Rose (Rosemary Clooney 1956)
Caravan (Ella Fitzgerald – NYC 1957)
Chocolate Shake (Jump for Joy – Hollywood 1941)
Cotton Tail (Ella Fitzgerald 1967)
Creole Love Call (Kay Davis 1949)
I didn’t know about you (Ella Fitzgerald 1957)
It don’t mean a thing (Ray Nance – Munich 1958)
I got it bad (Jump for Joy – Hollywood 1941)
I Let a Song (NYC 1938)
I’m Beginning To See The Light
I’m Just a lucky so and so (Al Hibbler – NYC 1945)
Jump for Joy (1941 & 1962)
Just Squeeze Me (Washington 1955, Munich 1958, Paris 1965 – feat Ray Nance)
Lady of The Lavender Mist (1947)

Love You Madly (Yvonne Lanauze 1950)
Mood Indigo (Masterpieces by Ellington 1950)
On a Turquoise Cloud (Kay Davis 1949)
Paris Blues
Perdido (Ella Fitzgerald 1957)
ReadyGo! (1959)
Rocks In My Bed (Hollywood 1941)

Satin Doll
Something to live for (Ella Fitzgerald 1965)
Sophisticated Lady (Rosemary Clooney 1956)

Take the A Train (Hollywood 1966 & Uptown 1952)


Concert – Bal Blomet 26 octobre 2023